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molybdenum copper (MoCu) alloy

Molybdenum copper is is alloy of molybdenum and copper. It is a great alternative to tungsten copper for weight sensitive applications. The combination of high purity raw material and high temperature hydrogen sintering using no additives yields the highest thermal conductivity available for this composite material system.
Molybdenum Copper composite material are produced by copper infiltration of sintered molybdenum. They are available with different copper contents (15-50%).
Molybdenum copper physical and mechanical properties

Tel: +86-15896504204
Molybdenum copper physical and mechanical properties
Physical and Mechanical Properties:
Material Composition Density Thermal Conductivity W/mok  25℃
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Mo85Cu15 10.01 195 7.0
Mo80Cu20 9.96 204 7.6
Mo70Cu30 9.75 208 8.0
Mo60Cu40 9.62 223 9.3
Mo50Cu50 9.51 230 10.3
1)molybdenum copper used in spaceflight fields.
Molybdenum copper alloy has more excellent performances, so can be used as high temperature part of rockets and missiles. This alloy has high thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, high melting point, and the good mechanical ability, all of these reasons, which make the molybdenum copper can be used in the spaceflight fields.
2. Widely can be used in integrated circuit, heat sink and thermal sink or other microelectronic material.